Are Sidewalk Signs a Cost-effective Form of Advertising?

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From restaurants to coffee shops, sidewalk signs (typically in the form of an A-Frame sign) are most commonly used in urban environments where foot-traffic is heavy. The inexpensive cost, portability, and customization make them the go-to form of advertising in many cases, and an effective way of attracting people to your business.


When compared to other methods of advertising (such as newspaper), A-Frame signs are extremely cost effective. The average cost of an A-Frame sign is about $150 ($75 for the stand and another $75 for printed sign panels). You can re-use and customize your sign with a variety of messages as needed and display it for as long as needed.


During business hours, restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, bakeries, bars and other storefront retailers who attract pedestrian traffic prefer to use A-Frame signs. Freestanding, A-Frame signs are sturdy, yet easily portable and can be repositioned as needed. They can be taken indoors after business hours and once collapsed, they can be conveniently stored in spare closet space or simply leaned against a wall. The sign sizes range from 18”x24 all the way up to 28 x 44”, but 24” x 36” is by far the most common.


Whereas a newspaper advertisement and other types of signs display content in a constrained format, A-Frames can be highly customizable to reflect the creative flare of your business. Signs can be used to advertise along the roadside or sidewalk and can be a colorful and artistic way of capturing people’s attention. Options include interchangeable lettering, dry-erase boards, and chalk boards.

Choose what you want people to see on a daily basis. Use them to announce sales, promote daily meal specials, and convey any message your business may wish to present. Best of all, freestanding signs and A-frames have large display areas to ensure that your message will be prominently displayed.

Alternative Uses

Apart from conventional urban use, A-Frame signs are also used within many other settings, including large chain companies like Best Buy and Walgreens. The timeless and recognizable piece can add to the look of any entrance or storefront.

How to order

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