Top 10 Road Signs for Pedestrian Safety

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There is a wide variety of pedestrian and road signs that are used to prevent accidents from occurring or protect people from various dangers. Each sign is designed in a special color and includes a specific symbol or lettering making it easily distinguishable for everyone. It is extremely important that everyone understands the meaning of these various safety signs in order to protect themselves and their families. There are many different safety signs used in society, but below is a list of the top ten safety signs.

1. Stop Signs
Stop signs are the most commonly recognized safety sign, as well as the most used sign. These signs are designed in bright red with the word STOP spelled out in white across the sign. Whether on the roadway, in a parking lot or on a school bus, the stop sign alerts drivers to stop immediately upon reaching the sign.

2. Caution Signs
Caution signs are typically yellow and commonly triangular in shape. A caution safety sign is used to alert someone to proceed with extra care or to take extra precautions when using a specific item. Hospitals usecaution signs to warn workers of toxic/hazardous waste material, and road crews use these signs to alert drivers that there is road construction ahead.

3. Danger Signs
Danger signs are used to warn people that a certain area may be extremely hazardous. This type of sign usually has a red circle at the top with the word DANGER written in white. The bottom portion of the signincludes specific information about what the exact danger is. Numerous workplaces use danger signs for many types of hazards, such as a high voltage area, construction area or hardhat area.

4. Fire Exit Signs
Fire exit signs are commonly found in public buildings and are designed to show people how to safely exit the building in case of an emergency. These signs are usually either red or green and display an arrow that points to the direction people should exit. It is vital that people are able to identify the fire exits in all public building in case of a fire or other emergency.

5. Do Not Enter Signs
Do not enter signs are either white with black bold letters or red with white lettering and include the words DO NOT ENTER. These signs are used to tell people or employees that they are not permitted to go past a certainpoint. This is often done to protect people from various hazards.

6. No Smoking Signs
While many public building now display no smoking signs, it is important to realize that often this sign is used to avoid possible dangers. For example, a no smoking sign at a gas station is used to avoid the possibility of a flame from a cigarette or lighter causing a dangerous explosion.

7. No Trespassing Signs
A no trespassing sign is used to keep people off private property or away from a dangerous area. This sign is usually rectangular, but can come in various colors, including red, white and black. These signs should always be obeyed and in many cases, it is against the law to trespass in an area that has a no trespassing sign posted.

8. Wet Floor Signs
Wet floor signs are found in many places of employment and public buildings, especially public bathrooms. It is usually a yellow stand-up stand that says CAUTION – WET FLOOR. This sign is used to alert people to the fact that the floor was just mopped and may still be wet. It is important to use caution in these areas to avoid any falls.

9. Authorized Personnel Only Signs
The authorized personnel only signs are used in factories, hospitals, and other public buildings. The sign is used to prohibit anyone from entering past a certain point without proper authorization. These signs are strategically place on doorways that lead to a specific area where only certain people should have access.

10. Crosswalk Signs
Pedestrian walkway signs are important for both the driver and the pedestrian. The signs indicate areas where a person is permitted to cross the street. They are yellow, diamond-shaped signs that show a picture of a person crossing the street. The signs let pedestrians know where it is safe to cross the street, and alert drivers to the fact that people may be crossing the street.

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